I started this site as an outlet for my curiosity and interest in military history, particularly about the “King of Battle,” artillery. So this site is for the development and use of these machines and the men and women who have operated them in combat since the inception of these weapons. I am rather liberal with the definition of “artillery” so that I can talk about as wide a variety of topics, places, and people as possible.

Most of all I love hearing the voices from the past talk about their world, so I strive to give voice to them as much as possible.

Please contact me through this site or leave a comment if you want to reach me or if you have something to add to the discussion. I hope to meet other history buffs, enthusiasts, professionals in the field of history and the military, and any and all who are interested!



  1. ” other history buffs”
    Well I’m not sure I qualify as a history buff, but, at my age I find many of my newly found machines and toys are now in museums! Yuk..
    happy holidays

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