historical re-enactment

Addendum to the Foregoing

My first post (https://artilleryhistory.wordpress.com/2014/02/17/lets-start-things-off-with-a-bang/) is a video I took of historical re-enactors at Valley Forge. The re-enactors portray soldiers of the American Revolution from the Second Pennsylvania Regiment of the Continental Line. (They also play the British as the 43rd Regiment of Foot). On Sunday, 16 February 2014, the Second Pennsylvania Regiment took to Valley Forge in order to help celebrate Presidents’ Day. There was a demonstration of an infantry platoon firing as a platoon and in sections. In the video below, the cannoneers demonstrate a crew drill on a three pounder light field artillery gun. According to the demonstrators, the gun would fire a three pound ball with one and a half pounds of powder. A well-trained crew could fire ten times per minute–once every six seconds. The crew would push the gun and advance alongside the infantry during attacks.

You can find out more about the Second Pennsylvania Regiment at http://www.243regiment.com/.