What’s This?

Military history has increasingly fascinated me over the past few years. The men, women, machines, and politics. How and why people fight. Stories of horror, cowardice, triumph, and bravery. How war is portrayed and why images and narratives of war are important to the identity of persons and societies throughout time. So I wanted a place where I could write about some of these topics.

But all of military history is far too broad and something about which I know far too little to write about even half-way competently. So I narrow it down to the history of artillery because it is a subject about which I know a little and one that I find endlessly fascinating. Before starting this project, I had already been doing some research on artillery history, and found a trove of quotes, stories, personalities, and battles that I felt could populate a blog. Then I looked around a bit and it seemed that there are few if any online sites devoted solely to the cannon and its many permutations, uses, and users throughout time. I hope this endeavor connects me with other history buffs, military enthusiasts if not service members and veterans, and any and all that are interested in this topic.

Or, to put it all very simply: I like big guns that go boom, and this is a place to explore their histories.


Hand cannon as depicted in Konrad Kyeser’s military handbook, Bellifortis (1405).